The new form of journal keeping

To any blog-hoppers who may happen to stumble upon a land; where dancing with envelopes is only the start of it…

My honest reason for starting a blog/journal; I am full of words. Stories, theories, secrets and political ideas. I have been notified recently by friends, that while I apparently have ‘lots to offer’ in terms of projectile opinions and viewpoints, I do have a terrible tendency to get so over excited and personally involved with the topics I often find myself discussing, and one of the reasons people might ‘find me a bit too much’, is because I literally end up gathering folk round a tree for story time, when simply attempting to answer a question. So, my train of thought, I can understand; must be a nightmare to follow. I have tried to calm the old passions in order to become a bit more socially tolerable, and to a degree, I have succeeded in simmering down.

But here lies my predicament; I yearn to write, narrate, comment, analyse and muse aloud, so much so that at times it can be a tad oppressive. I figured, then; that if I re-kindle my distant habit of keeping a journal/blog/whatever it may be interpreted as, then perhaps I can just get it all ot of my system, in a way which doesn’t infringe upon my social skills quite so invasively. If I write thoughts, rants, book reviews, psychological interests etc down on a regular basis, the chances of me giving others an info-overload migrane when I socialise, is much more limited. No one has to read the journal; if you’re not feeling the whole journal/rant/soapbox thing, and this blog isn’t for you, then you are free to move on and find something better suited to your reading interests. At the same time, everyone is still welcome to read if they want, but thankfully, you can do it on your own terms. I hope that through blogging, I can speak and discuss emotion and politics, without feeling guilty about ruining anyone’s conversation or social event.

Wow, I am ashamed of my inability to screw the lid tighly upon the jam jar of my neural contents. I have had to think a great deal recently, since I have been informed several times of my ‘madness’ and ‘rudeness’ (rudeness is especially something I never, ever dreamed of committing), and I think i’ve pissed too many people off by being myself, because myself appears to be too much, or too akin to fairytales. So, I shall just write privately, and hope it takes off the edge of my eccentric character.

One final benefit to journal-keeping: If I ever (I most certainly hope I don’t) develop the hellish condition, later in life, of Dementia and Alzheimer’s… Well at least if I stick to my guns about the blogging, it might make a jolly good story for me to read one day, whether I can recall things or not. Insurance blogging, in a way then.

Let us see where the envelopes dance in deliverance; in other words, lets see how this goes! 🙂