I forgot about how satisfying this word is to roll off the tongue, however it is an absolute shame that I have just discovered the definition. So I had just assumed that a ‘Succubus’ was another name for a ‘Succulent’ plant. ‘Succulents’, in an omnibus format. That was my mental association and the visual imagery, let me assure you, is quite different to that of a ‘demon in female form, said to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep.’

Oh right. So a Succubus is NOT a mass gathering of exotic Succulent varieties; Sedum Cauticolum, Aeonium, Stapella and all their glorious, colourful tones, shapes and forms. The Succulent Omnibus I had unwittingly envisioned in my mind’s eye, for referencing ‘Succubus’…. No one ever told me otherwise, and neither did I ask to be fair.


Well you know what, Succubus is still just as satisfying a word.



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