Order, order.

There was a statement shared by someone: “I am strong. But I am tired.”

I thought; That sentence sounds so different if you switch the order of it around to: ‘I am tired, but I am strong’.

The person heard me out, and responded: “If only it were that simple to kid my brain.”

So I thought about that.


It is (that simple); which is maybe exactly why you’re currently doing so well at kidding it into thinking first: I am strong, but then: But I a tired.

The only reason it feels ‘not simple’ to communicate back to your brain that you are both of the statements existing together, both are true, but the conclusion of the statement changes the instruction- the instruction that the brain then believes is the command, and follows.

Literally just repeat the phrase backwards as: ‘I am tired. BUT, I am strong.’ over and over in your mind, say it out loud, and whether you feel like you believe your own words at the time or not, carry on. Because the brain will then remember, and suddenly the only convincing version of this phrase will be: ‘I am tired. But I a strong.’

The mind is much more co-operative and adaptable than I think we remember as humans; influenced and affected by the constant bombardment of external environment on a daily basis- yet, our minds are the drivers, and have all the capacity within to take control and command

To weave the body through and unharmed the surrounding chaos, in a harmonic wave which is greater than the sum of that around it. Forwards you can float.


It’s always worth checking up on how your brain mentally verbalizes thoughts and feelings every day. To do so enables you to hold the cycle of thoughts accountable via reflection (ultimate boss). You notice the brain might have picked up a particularly bad habit of always internalizing the pessimistic, tiring and overtaxing conclusion. These cycles of thought, as we all know, can be brutal when left to thrive unchecked. The pattern becomes harder to break the longer it goes on without the whip.

Therefore; we should definitely command that whip! Input a new set of instructions via language and repetition, and re-wire those pathways. Positive outlook restored.

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