How to become an Artist

I have just realised how much of my life so far, has been stretched into a shape and road to come; wondering about what it actually is I have always been so fascinated and captured by which constitutes ‘Art’.

I won’t launch into any kind of really distracting life story for context here- I will simply get straight to the point today- I think that in order to become an Artist of what you do, you have to deeply burrow into something about the human soul which is secret and disturbing. You have to admit to yourself that you ‘know about the dark place’ and can see the significance, the compelling, of the grotesque. Then, you have to explain it back to yourself via a process of translation.

It is then that you have to decide what to do with it. Do you blatantly declare emotional and psychological war upon it? Do you divert from it, finding from that darkest inner realm, your own steps for ascension, and how to reclaim yourself?

For your own sake, can you sing it, write it, sketch it, sculpt it, bake it, compost it? The real challenge comes with having to explain it back to others.

Art is the pleasure, the language and the song which emerges from the soul, it is like a photograph of one moment lived. And in that one moment of living, a thousand battles were fought, a slick skin of emotion and association was peeled back, to reveal the insides of a mind through which a single truth could be found.

chest of drawers of geology and weather

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