I have recalled an old thought, from a year ago today….

Since studies of the effects of LSD on the brain show that: “There is a natural segregation between high-level (abstract) cognitive areas and low-level (concrete) perceptual areas, most notably the visual cortex. These distinctions are thought to be an essential design feature of a functional human brain.

The impact of LSD was to diminish connections within each of these networks, relaxing the bonds that kept them intact and distinct, while increasing the cross-talk among them. In other words, the normal etiquette of the brain requires segregation among networks that have different functions, and that etiquette was blown to bits.” (Source:…/lsd-research-brain-neuroscienc…)

Then I wonder if LSD could provide an effective rehabilitative remedy for victims of Stroke!?

Surprise Frost!

Oh well for god’s sake!

The last time I checked, it was April, and according to the little birds who tell us things, it’s soon to be May. May is the planting out month! At least, it is the month when you can seed your flowerbeds with a sprinkle of poppies, cabbages and tomatoes…

May should be the month you can plant out the seedlings which you planted indoors, in anticipation of the heavily desired ‘hello’ from Spring and sunshine, who have heard rumours about Summer, who might be planning to return soon.

But ‘NO!’, said England. ‘I know how much you love icicles, and were hoping for some Winter this year. I decided to surprise you by making it come in April, instead! Ta-da! Aren’t you happy!?’. Typically, English, of course.

So last night, when it suddenly started to snow, I had to do a mad ‘save the sunflowers dash’. Re: sudden snow blizzard announces self! Bought the pots inside, but I’m going to need a bigger greenhouse it seems , cheers to a four month late winter frost… If ever anyone thought I wasn’t the world’s best shining example of punctuality, then kindly have a re-think. I’ve just been out-‘lated’…

So my advice?

For now, i’d just go grab some nice compost, and sow the carrots, squashes, sunflowers, brassicas, indoors. In their own small seedling trays or small plantpots. Then stick them on your windowsill.

Let them grow, keep them watered, in the safety of the shelter, until further notice from Spring!


windowsill sunflower

#103 Fraud – ‘Where Has All The Depression Gone?’

There will always be someone, and something, to write about, to write for, and as long as there are readers, and listeners, and minds. Pretty much as long as there are humans, there is always a reason to read, and a reason to write.


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K, this is starting to feel awkward. Like a religious cult leader who convinces everyone the end of the world is nigh. The room is packed, the grand speech is done and it is coming! The end of the world is about to happen. All you’ve got to do now is wait. And then wait, and wait a bit more… then wait some more. You eventually just get to the point where theres only a couple of miniature pretzels and a broken party ring left in the plastic compartment platter. Drama and suspense checked out a while ago, and everyone is now staring into the middle distance wondering whether they can speculate on what will happen in the next episode of The Wire, without appearing too optimistic about their chances to see it.

I feel like I’m in that phase, I’ve…

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Digging for Victory

The Revolution will be Grown.Walls of Woven Ivy Climb, Seed and Soil accosted; Replaced our captive ‘City’s’ Grey. A Greener Tomorrow, a brighter today!


  • To salvage spaces, renew and revive for greener, cleaner and happier places 
  • To grow our own food and produce more locally grown edibles
  • To master the full potential of our Sheffield Allotment, let the land teach us how and where to develop
  • Combine creativity, resources and climate to find new and innovative ways to expand growing spaces upwards, downwards, left right and centre.
  • Bring the garden to the people, enable others to share the joy of gardening, planting new life, reconnecting with the outdoors and the pleasures of engaging with their natural environment
  • To establish roots within the local community, collaborate with social enterprising networks, and help to unify  resources, ideas, and manpower for other similar projects which aspire to improve access to green spaces, and opportunities to start planning new growth
  • To regenerate- Disused spaces and derelict infrastructure, could be revived and given a new lease of life with fresh purpose. Temporary pop up gardens, could be just one aspect of this!

Sheffield is a great city for green spaces, housing an eco-conscious community which fosters the creative and artistic. The social co-operative hubs and independent businesses which are budding and flourishing in the city are also very promising and positive in terms of forecasting the shape of the future to follow for Sheffield.

Sheffield would be the perfect candidate for showcasing the incredible benefits of an edible city, which encourages and nurtures urban food growing and sustainable spaces. Lets get onto this and pull our ideas together as a community to make it happen!

Upcycle– Old Doccers make for very jazzy new plantpots for the growth of Tulips, and many other things!

upcycle the red doccers into plantpots for the holland tulips

Take a look at some of the things we’ve achieved so far, and what we believe to be an assortment of treasures worth digging for…

The land of the Intelligently Artificial

Intelligently Artificial. The most apt words I can find, to describe how many aspects, of our Western lives, feels these days.

Our ‘safeguards’ and our ‘representatives’, our morale and our procedures. All well-intended accident. Which we designed into our reality, as structures, and rules, like equations. To govern and to ‘guide’ our institutions, our speech, our education, our health, politicis, economy, and the political correctness of it all.

Structure and agency- that old chestnut- how do they to their (mutually unconditional) dance?

In English: How do people (i.e. agents), live, work, love, and survive in this scene we/someone(thing?) set? This scene/set, known commonly as the ‘United’ Kingdom, is the ‘structure’, we as agents (i.e. people) have to operate in.

A better way of putting it, perhaps, has emerged through people themselves:

The only good system is the sound system”


Or if all else fails, there’s always Wikipedia- Structure and Agency – debate

If you can even be arsed to venture down that tangled path of philosophical head f***.

What i’m essentially trying my damned hardest, to say here, is that while history gets written (by the victors, of course), society emerged through the coming together of collective social and human intelligence.

The structures, the law and the protocols- they’re all here because we intended to enshrine some form of order and control, over our own human (and therefore unpredictable) behaviours, pursuits and personal lives.

But we accidently crafted ourselves a cage.

Politics, Philosophy, soil, drip stands and market stalls.

People have often asked me why on earth I chose to study politics and philosophy, at university, to then: ‘only go work in a bar/fishmongers/volunteer for Mind, as a mentor/support worker, for the resettlement of people, who happen to have been put in prisons, in the name of ‘justice’. People who have had their lives destroyed, families broken apart, their mental and physical health pushed to the brink, criminalised under a political whim or agenda.

Patients, their families, Matrons and Doctors often ask me why and what. Quizzical; ‘So why did you study Politics and Philosophy at Uni if you only wanted to become a Support Worker or go into Nursing?’…

The there applies the very same question to my active pursuit and love for gardening, and ‘digging for victory’, as I so regularly like to remind! Yes, retrospectively, it would have been perhaps more useful to have studied something like Horticulture, Environmental Planning, Biology etc.

But aged 17, when applying to university, as encouraged and made more or less mandatory through college, you only go forth with what you know at the time. In this respect, the ‘immaturity’ which some might characterize as being an impacting variable, in the academic endeavours  and future musings of the youth, who submit their personal statements unto UCAS, somewhat blindly, can actually prove very valuable. When one has not yet been subjected to ‘the university of Life’,which so many proclaim to champion the credentials of any other qualification, one has only instinct. Instinct is surprisingly wise.

Still relatively unhindered by the bearings and the set backs, of the apparent ‘real world’, when you’re young, you are still in many respects, free to choose. Freelancer of your own destiny, of course you have much to learn, before you can ever truly know what you want to become of your own story. But this is the beauty of it.

I chose Politics and Philosophy, because I wanted to understand why ‘man is by nature, a political animal’ (as reckoned Aristotle). I wanted to understand the ambiguous impulses which drives human thought, Psychology, the repetition of a need for politics and governance, within the unchanging social nature of humanity. I also wanted to know where on Earth (if indeed, on Earth at all) counsciousness, and ‘knowledge’ for humans was rooted.

Ultimately, I was planning ahead. Naive and underqualified as I was, as anyone ever is, I felt deep down that if I ever wanted to help change the world for the better, (save the planet and all that jazz) I needed to know at least something, about the mechanisms behind the shaping of history, the present, and the unwritten future.

If I ever do decide to go into politics, to stand for election as an MP, I need to know who and what i’m representing, and why it’s important. Why there is something to ‘give a shit’ about, to heckle and/or to holler for, be that as a member of the public, politician, cabinet minister, singer/songwriter, teacher, advocate.

Understand, that I have vowed personally, to serve as a dissident to the nonsensical ‘Michael Gove’ type politicians, who have bestowed upon them by party leaders, the tremendous undertaking of serving the country as ‘Minister for Education’ (or Minister for Health, Defence, Culture, etc), with no experience or qualification whatsoever in the art of teaching, education, or indeed in any profession other than their own, often narrow and carefully arranged by the minute elite.

To that kind of unworkable methodology, I cannot and will not abide. I choose to fill my life with experiences, knowledge pursuits and ingredients which will equip me to truly make a difference to the people and the causes I care about.

That is why I contravene against the expected, in terms of the academic skills I am equipped with, and what I choose to dedicate my efforts to, meanwhile in the ‘real world’.

Ta very much…
trip shadow 2 123rf design

Welcome to April!

Now that we have (finally) arrived into April again, the time for sowing and growing is defnitely becoming ripe.

Here are some things which like to be planted in April:


Plant out:

Potatoes in well-prepared (i.e. dig up the bed) soil
Swiss Chard
Kohl Rabi
Summer Cauliflower

It is now also an ideal time to plant pot-grown fruit trees and bushes, e.g. Gooseberry/Raspberry/Blueberry bushes

Just remember keep an eye on them, because once they start producing the fruit, the birds aren’t exactly conservative about the amount of cherries to harvest and eat on your behalf!

For more in-depth info and advice: Grow Your Own- RHS- UK


For the bees and butterflies:

Foxgloves– They’re happy in part sun and shade. Bees and butterflies love them.
foxgloves emerge may 2015 - Copy

Hawthorns– These can grow 15-30 feet tall, so bear this in mind when planting out, because when it grows, it will cause shade (which can both good and bad, depending on what’s growing nearby)

Crocuses– These are gorgeous flowers anyway, and the Saffron pollen is irresistable to bees. It also has loads of health benefits as a herb, so you might even want to harvest some of it’s pollen for yourself!

Cerinthe– These are a personal favourite of mine, because they’re so rich in colour, and beautiful. Sow either straight out, or in seed trays indoors first, and then transplant the seedlings into the chosen flowerbed once they’re strong enough.
beautiful cerinthe flowers

Buddleja (butterfly bush)- The bees and the butterflies both absolutely love this bush, and it smells absolutely gorgeous too. If you want to see a lot of butterflies this year, plant this out!
bee and the butterfly loving their Budlhia

More flowers:

Wildflower mixes
Dutch Iris

In summary:
Basically, just go and buy yourself some seeds, mix and match whatever you want, and the advice about how to grow said seeds into bloom will be on the back of the packet anyway. This way, you can choose visually what kind of colours and shapes you want in your garden landscape for yourself, and all you need to do is sow them!