The land of the Intelligently Artificial

Intelligently Artificial. The most apt words I can find, to describe how many aspects, of our Western lives, feels these days.

Our ‘safeguards’ and our ‘representatives’, our morale and our procedures. All well-intended accident. Which we designed into our reality, as structures, and rules, like equations. To govern and to ‘guide’ our institutions, our speech, our education, our health, politicis, economy, and the political correctness of it all.

Structure and agency- that old chestnut- how do they to their (mutually unconditional) dance?

In English: How do people (i.e. agents), live, work, love, and survive in this scene we/someone(thing?) set? This scene/set, known commonly as the ‘United’ Kingdom, is the ‘structure’, we as agents (i.e. people) have to operate in.

A better way of putting it, perhaps, has emerged through people themselves:

The only good system is the sound system”


Or if all else fails, there’s always Wikipedia- Structure and Agency – debate

If you can even be arsed to venture down that tangled path of philosophical head f***.

What i’m essentially trying my damned hardest, to say here, is that while history gets written (by the victors, of course), society emerged through the coming together of collective social and human intelligence.

The structures, the law and the protocols- they’re all here because we intended to enshrine some form of order and control, over our own human (and therefore unpredictable) behaviours, pursuits and personal lives.

But we accidently crafted ourselves a cage.

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