Surprise Frost!

Oh well for god’s sake!

The last time I checked, it was April, and according to the little birds who tell us things, it’s soon to be May. May is the planting out month! At least, it is the month when you can seed your flowerbeds with a sprinkle of poppies, cabbages and tomatoes…

May should be the month you can plant out the seedlings which you planted indoors, in anticipation of the heavily desired ‘hello’ from Spring and sunshine, who have heard rumours about Summer, who might be planning to return soon.

But ‘NO!’, said England. ‘I know how much you love icicles, and were hoping for some Winter this year. I decided to surprise you by making it come in April, instead! Ta-da! Aren’t you happy!?’. Typically, English, of course.

So last night, when it suddenly started to snow, I had to do a mad ‘save the sunflowers dash’. Re: sudden snow blizzard announces self! Bought the pots inside, but I’m going to need a bigger greenhouse it seems , cheers to a four month late winter frost… If ever anyone thought I wasn’t the world’s best shining example of punctuality, then kindly have a re-think. I’ve just been out-‘lated’…

So my advice?

For now, i’d just go grab some nice compost, and sow the carrots, squashes, sunflowers, brassicas, indoors. In their own small seedling trays or small plantpots. Then stick them on your windowsill.

Let them grow, keep them watered, in the safety of the shelter, until further notice from Spring!


windowsill sunflower

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