This is the sound you may well hear from a hospital ward.

Rest assured.

In England, there will be a nurse.

We have an NHS. A National Health Service.


I have a confession. I cannot stop. It isn’t what you’d expect, from a ‘Confession’, at least I don’t imagine. I cannot stop caring for the world and the people within it.

There, I said it.

I, Ellie Neves, confess to be addicted to helping people. Help, in this sense, meaning that where there is another person, creature, plant or sound wave in need of a representative, a call to action, a PQRST.

Above: (PQRST- Rhythmic squiggles) I have tried to draw for another purpose, but relevant here as ever.

Pee. Ker You. Arghhh. Esssss. Tea.
For the purpose of phonetics.


Again, to soothe is something which just happens to come naturally to me. By what cause? I ask even myself. Is it being a ‘female’, a ‘woman’, a ‘wanting mother’,

No; wait a second, it is human. HUman.

You can spell that out however you like it, in terms of Pro. Noun see ache tea eye O en.

Nurses are champions.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re left, right, circle of life, black/gay/transgender/homo-


Remember that bit- Homo. Do you know what that actually means!?


The oh! The Mow! Do you read me? 

Homo is the human. Genus. It really is, here, look:

Wikipedia even spells it out for you, to be human!


The Sapien bit!?

Sapiens is the only SURVIVING species, ‘of the species of the genus Homo.’

(Look down)

I cannot help caring for others. Is my main point, here.

I do indeed wish, that I could fund the extra degree needed, to qualify as a Nurse, here in 2017 England today.

As long as I am alive, I know that I will always care. People tell me to ‘stop taking on everyone else’s problems all the time’, and ‘Think about you though, forget what the rest of the world thinks or needs’.

All advice given is well intended, genuine, out of love. I understand why people want me to do what is the best for ‘me.’

There it is again. That ‘me’


This is where I find it needs to stop. What about everyone else?

To want to help others surely shouldn’t be a problem. Forgiveness, please. I am sorry that sometimes, what constitutes ‘help’ in the mind of one person, might be the exact opposite for the other.

The help or hinder question lingers for us all.*

*=(To be continued, of course)

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