So today is Saturday.

Last night all I did was cry. I think I wrote a bit as well, but all I seem to have for reference at the moment is the present.

I’m trying to carry on with living. I walked Billy several times, and I have finally managed to sleep. That was a relief. Rowett finishes his night shifts tonight, I think this is finally his last night.

I went to town today, to get myself some bath bombs. There was an amazing sound happening, in Sheffield city centre, I cannot deny it soothed my soul.

They are called ‘ELDIABLO’ He literally spelled out for me, and I thought wow- I really can sometimes just be a bit of a dippy twat,  can’t I?

Without the ‘scroll’ or whatever it is ‘these kids use these days’, and all that jazz- that may constitute an I Phone, (since mine is being used in evidence I am led to believe), I had to write it down with me good old fashioned pen and chuffin’ paper, in me diary, which my wonderful mum has made a gorgeous textile peacock stitch for.

Reflecting, now- I may damn well actually have to ‘get my arse in gear’ (cheers, us father!) and GET ON WITH LIVING!

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