Digging for victory in August 2017

August 2017

I cannot believe we have reached August, and STILL not managed to successfully assemble that greenhouse, we bought for the allotment back in March! We have taken it down, reassembled it slightly differently, tried improvising with different bolts and spare parts for any we may have lost throughout the fairly painstaking process. So far, we either need to get more creative with this, or remain without a greenhouse!

It’s been difficult to keep on top of the allotment, because of all the other stress with work, finances, life generally, which seems to have hit particularly hard this year. If anyone was to use the shape of the allotment, to try and estimate a guess as to diagnosing the corresponding state of mind to match it, they’d not have a difficult time in playing amateur Psychiatrist for the task.

So many beds which have been weeded, then overgrown, weeded, then overgrown, dug over, then slurried by rain, breaking roots and giant Hogsweed. Bind weed and sticky weed, don’t even go there! For 5 years, we have tried to do things the ‘Organic’ way, but steering away from using products like weedkiller, and tugging at the determined overgrowth with good old fashioned manual, hard work and toil instead. We may just have finally come to the bitter realization, that if we want successful growth of the crops we actually intend for each bed, then we may have to swallow a large pill of pride, and finally cave into spraying the land with weedkiller and pesticide, and start over from scratch.

It is against so many of our principles to do this, however!

Meanwhile, in the garden, the accidental potato beds are thriving, the tomatoes are starting to re-establish their hold over the bathtub, and the purple cabbages are looking pretty pleased with themselves. Purple kale, passion flowers and carrots are also gaining their strength in the little greenhouse, however the question of how and when we will be able to harvest these, if we really are too late to transplant them into the better faring beds at the allotment, remains to be seen.

purple kale growing with passionflower in greenhousecabbages in bathtubcabbages and tomatoes in bathtubcabbage growing in garden

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