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Protect your right to grow your own!

Please sign this:

stop closing allotments petition

Why this is important:

“There is a growing community of allotmenteers, who, driven by need, have taken to cultivating their own crops.
Some people have spent years to transform what was essentially waste land into arable soil, and have often spent a considerable amount of time and money in order to reap the benefits of home grown organic fruit & vegetables.
Recently, we have heard of numerous councils serving notices that they are reclaiming these valuable resources to convert into building land.
In many cases, allotments are utilised as a way of not only growing food, but also as a way of keeping fit (something that the government is keen to promote!), so it makes no sense, other than to reap financial rewards, to close them.
Whilst there are waiting list of several years to secure a plot, it is obvious that this is a popular, and worthwhile, leisure facility.
Please take action to stop this practise now, before it is too late to stop the rot!!!
In these times of austerity and obesity, allotmenteering is a way to grow healthy produce, and to reap the rewards of an outdoor activity which also promotes physical fitness.”
(From petition page; see link at top)

The Allotments Act of 1925  established statutory allotments which local authorities could not sell off or covert without Ministerial consent, known as Section 8 Orders.

Despite the statutory obligation on local authorities to provide allotments where there is a demand, there are still very few sites being created each year. However the trend in people wanting to grow their own food is on the rise, and currently it is estimated that over 90,000 gardeners want an allotment and are on waiting lists.

Today, with our economic uncertainly on a global scale, the desire for more space to grow food locally and experience life’s simple pleasures has reignited the call for more allotments. Figures suggest there are approximately 330,000 allotment plots in the UK, but to meet the current demand we need in the region of at least a further 90,000 plots.

I’ll add to this the fact that it would be incredibly ignoble and downright unpatriotic for British Councils to enforce such a compromise over access to sufficient land for people to grow their own food, particularly in hindsight of the historical ‘Dig For Victory’ movement which saw Britain manage to survive through periods of wartime food shortage. At end of the First World War, land was made available to all, primarily as a way of assisting returning service men (Land Settlement Facilities Act 1919) instead of just the labouring poor.

What on Earth would we have to gain by receding to an era, which demanded that laws be established in order to protect our rights to grow food for the good of the nation?


A memory shared

From 24th April, 2014


On Tuesday, we said our goodbyes to a wonderful, awe-inspiring, beautiful friend, Emma Twigg. Her soil was dusted in glitter, and the land under which her body lies will bring new life to a tree, among many others. The memorial woodland is a forest (will be) of souls embarking upon new journeys in another life. You could liken it to C.S Lewis’ ‘Wood Between The Worlds’, or a train station of trees- the branches intertwining and linking together like a vast network of railway tracks, where the souls can commute to new destinations, yet always have a base. Unlike most train stations, however; this one is obviously divine and beyond comparison to anything we really know. While her funeral was inevitably filled with immense sadness, it was comforting to see just how many amazing friends and family members gathered bravely to bid farewell to Emma- in a way the multitude of vibrant and colourful crowd, conveyed a reflection of the flamboyant, kind and brave individual she was herself. Let us all commit ourselves to ‘dance in the rain’ through storms to come- it brings an unexpected euphoria of freedom and the shimmer of the wildness within ourselves, for those who haven’t already danced in the rain yet…

Every now and then in life, we meet a soul who is truly wonderful and like no other in many ways. Emma Twigg– the first time I ever met you I was drawn to you with a powerful intruige, admiration and electrical energy. You have taught me personally a great deal through inspiring a kind of outlook upon all things, and a lust for living to the full, and to dance to my own rhythm of madness, sadness and gladness just as you yourself did so freely and beautifully. I find it really bloody hard to sum this up over a facebook post you won’t necessarily see yourself- but who other people who’ve had the great priviledge of knowing you will surely be able to relate to and recognise within their own memories. So I write this for them- You my lady are so obviously deeply and vastly loved by so many other souls than just me, and our reasons are diverse in their contexts but so consistent in their content- We love in you the magic, the kindness, the adventure, the energy, the compassion, the taste and the rhythm to which you have always loved to dance, and the inexplicably bright spark burning within your soul which i’m sure has inspired many others to seek for in themselves. Right now, i’m putting a lot of focus into planting new life where I can, and eventually a few of us are hoping to get an Ash Tree (you said you really liked these!) planted somewhere for you as promised- somewhere many of us can come and dance under it in your memory, and contemplate where your soul is going now- what life it will become this time and what kind of new experiences will it bring and receive? Maybe you’d be a tree this time anyway- since in the life we knew you in you travelled so far and wide, and perhaps your soul may now be seeking to settle as a new form, existing in one place for some time. Who on Earth knows though- we cannot predict; all we can do is positively continue to cherish and to actively plant your memory around us in a way that even when we too are moving on from this life, it will remain consistent in one way for the Earth and it’s creatures. Like, for example- i’m sure eventually many a bird may appreciate your tree as a nest and a place in which they can hatch new life into the world, then watch with a kind of sad, proud joy as their young eventually learn to fly off from the twiggs (sorry about that silly pun thing) into new adventures of their own as they take to the skies. I do not know where to end this post, for fear of ending up writing an actual novel, so i’m going to make the decision to stop it here; for there is too much to be said of you and I will not be able to do it justice no matter how long I write. Don’t ‘rest in peace’-live on elsewhere (wherever this may be) and continue to being peace! You can rest too if you like obviously, but you get my meaning! Keep on dancing.


me and emma at smiling ivy party


I forgot about how satisfying this word is to roll off the tongue, however it is an absolute shame that I have just discovered the definition. So I had just assumed that a ‘Succubus’ was another name for a ‘Succulent’ plant. ‘Succulents’, in an omnibus format. That was my mental association and the visual imagery, let me assure you, is quite different to that of a ‘demon in female form, said to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep.’

Oh right. So a Succubus is NOT a mass gathering of exotic Succulent varieties; Sedum Cauticolum, Aeonium, Stapella and all their glorious, colourful tones, shapes and forms. The Succulent Omnibus I had unwittingly envisioned in my mind’s eye, for referencing ‘Succubus’…. No one ever told me otherwise, and neither did I ask to be fair.


Well you know what, Succubus is still just as satisfying a word.



The new form of journal keeping

To any blog-hoppers who may happen to stumble upon a land; where dancing with envelopes is only the start of it…

My honest reason for starting a blog/journal; I am full of words. Stories, theories, secrets and political ideas. I have been notified recently by friends, that while I apparently have ‘lots to offer’ in terms of projectile opinions and viewpoints, I do have a terrible tendency to get so over excited and personally involved with the topics I often find myself discussing, and one of the reasons people might ‘find me a bit too much’, is because I literally end up gathering folk round a tree for story time, when simply attempting to answer a question. So, my train of thought, I can understand; must be a nightmare to follow. I have tried to calm the old passions in order to become a bit more socially tolerable, and to a degree, I have succeeded in simmering down.

But here lies my predicament; I yearn to write, narrate, comment, analyse and muse aloud, so much so that at times it can be a tad oppressive. I figured, then; that if I re-kindle my distant habit of keeping a journal/blog/whatever it may be interpreted as, then perhaps I can just get it all ot of my system, in a way which doesn’t infringe upon my social skills quite so invasively. If I write thoughts, rants, book reviews, psychological interests etc down on a regular basis, the chances of me giving others an info-overload migrane when I socialise, is much more limited. No one has to read the journal; if you’re not feeling the whole journal/rant/soapbox thing, and this blog isn’t for you, then you are free to move on and find something better suited to your reading interests. At the same time, everyone is still welcome to read if they want, but thankfully, you can do it on your own terms. I hope that through blogging, I can speak and discuss emotion and politics, without feeling guilty about ruining anyone’s conversation or social event.

Wow, I am ashamed of my inability to screw the lid tighly upon the jam jar of my neural contents. I have had to think a great deal recently, since I have been informed several times of my ‘madness’ and ‘rudeness’ (rudeness is especially something I never, ever dreamed of committing), and I think i’ve pissed too many people off by being myself, because myself appears to be too much, or too akin to fairytales. So, I shall just write privately, and hope it takes off the edge of my eccentric character.

One final benefit to journal-keeping: If I ever (I most certainly hope I don’t) develop the hellish condition, later in life, of Dementia and Alzheimer’s… Well at least if I stick to my guns about the blogging, it might make a jolly good story for me to read one day, whether I can recall things or not. Insurance blogging, in a way then.

Let us see where the envelopes dance in deliverance; in other words, lets see how this goes! 🙂