Digging for victory


I'm just a fellow human being, who happens to have found myself living on planet Earth, with a body and soul, and a brain filled with lots of stories to be told, to any other fellow creatures who want to listen, i'm here to share. I'm here to cherish the Earth, and sing for all those good things which are wild and free. I live in Sheffield. I like sharing stories and ideas about gardening, growing food and vegetables, among other things. Snippets of conscious thought, mind, health, art, philosophy, mental health and the perks of being creative in a world which needs more ideas, less waste. Occasionally, I try my luck at writing poems, and short stories, too. I think we can all contribute seeds to the soil of our gorgeous planet. Grow trees, flowers and food. I think seeds can also come in the form of ideas, visual, written, spoken, or planted literally in the ground. Thoughts are also seeds which can become trees. I also happen to like writing, art, culture, travelling, neurology, mental health and well-being, for persons, creatures, plants and planet. Great and Small. Footprints and fingertips- friendship, free speech, songs and community spirit. That's basically what i'm all about.

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