Dancingwithenvelopes is a site I decided to embark upon, for the purpose of writing, blogging, sharing ideas, art and images, and documenting snippets of thought, which may one day prove to be helpful to those who take the opportunity to have a read and a scroll!

Featured topics and contents to expect:

  • Sharing ideas and encouraging others to discover Gardening, Green Spaces, Growing own food and flowers… Showcase the reasons to get back to our roots and negotiate with our natural surroundings
  • A place one can come to and just write, simply write about everything which surfaces within the mind of a person who is so full of words, they simply can’t be contained!
  • Networking, discovering new blogs, forming connections and contacts.
  • Visual content; images and photography, Art and design, showcasing achievements of individuals and communities, and aspiring to re-create, share and motivate! 

    upcycle the red doccers into plantpots for the holland tulips

    ‘I’d love to grow my own food, I just don’t have the space/time’:-
    This is a quote I hear quite often, and i’d love to see more people seeing small spaces in a new light. Creatively, socially and practically; we learn that limited resources and small spaces are not always an obstacle, but an opportunity to think outside and above the box!
    By sharing ideas about re-purposing, up-cycling, growing a garden vertically, growing it within- and without- the structures which form and shape the path we come to follow.



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