Time to DIG, time to GROW 🙂

First, can I just say, this website is absolutely amazing for gardening and growing tips… It literally shows you how to grow the whole alphabet if you wanted to!… Aspiring gardeners (this includes myself), you must have a look on there! So much advice and visual guidance!


April has arrived rather promptly, I must say! Not that i’m complaining… It does just feel a bit odd, though. To be stepping forward into Spring gardening, sowing and to propagate Feb and March’s seedlings, ready for their allotment placements when the time is right… 2015’s loss of a proper Winter certainly sets about to confuse. Not just the plants and the animals, insects and budding trees, but the people too!


Rest assured though, I will never forget to garden; Frost or no frost, I will work with the soil, and its’ surprises will probably both terrify and delight me!




To Dig for Victory doesn’t only mean growing food and flowers alone, it is a page dedicated to the cause of up-cycling, transforming derelict spaces and so called ‘waste’ into new things. Economically and environmentally beneficial projects, turning the ghost towns and spaces of lost industry into a new enterprise; sustainable living, edible parks, allotments, art spaces, community gardens, therapeutic schemes, and of course, something to bring back our bees.

the upcycled piano

agrihood the urban allotment

This is what we need to be doing more of for our cities! Grow edible parks, and feed the residents, ground and sky!

Take a look at this!

Urban gardens in Paris



Allotment updates

(posted 21/09/2016 on My Facebook page)

How has everyone else found their gardening ventures this year? This year has been hard for us at the allotment- we found we had to contend with so many extremely forthcoming weeds taking over the edges of the beds overnight like, everyday!

It’s not always going to be 100% fruitful yield yield yield every year in growing your own, this is inevitable because we live on a planet where we are simply another part of mother nature’s great final piece, and there is no such thing as a mistake in art- what appears to be a blip is never a doomed failure- it’s part of the art in making.

Despite practically having a near completely fallow year on the allotment though, we have been harvesting our Tomatoes by the dozen every day since July so far, and they’re still coming! The Tomatoes are planted in an old bathtub in our back garden, we put some coffee ground compost in there earlier this year, and for the third year rolling of growing the Tomatoes, we’ve been blessed with the most generous fruits yet this year!

How has everyone else been doing?


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