Music in need of hearing!

Music, and the consequence of sounds…

Here are a few of my favourite finds which I believe are in need of sharing. Some of the artists behind these beats are my own friends, who I never cease to be inspired by, through their talent and their rhythmic creativity!

But overall the sounds come from a wide variety of sources, as does everything worth exposing yourself to!


Marble machine (musical instrument using 2000 marbles)

K.O.G and the Zongo Brigade

Soundcloud- Turn up the music

Soundcloud- Akwaaba EP

Smiling Ivy- Sheffield based band

Soundcloud- Full Moon

Soundcloud- album- Quick Sin Jukebox- Private dreams and public nightmares

Soundcloud- Gagging Order

Jon One- Sheffield based artist

Soundcloud- dingle fest mix

Soundcloud- Dark Light

Soundcloud- Highway

Isis Moray- Sheffield based artist

Soundcloud- Trancend

Soundcloud- Crystal

Soundcloud- In the dark of the night

Twig Gy-

Twiggy live @ Greenlight Unplugged

Fever the Ghost- Source

Source- music video on YouTube

Regina Spektor

All The Rowboats- YouTube

The Calculation- YouTube

Machine- YouTube

Laughing with God- YouTube

Daniel Cowman- YouTube mix

Parov Stelar

Chambermaid Swing Dance- YouTube

Song for the Crickets- YouTube

Lost in Amsterdam- YouTube

Catgroove- YouTube

Nosferatu- YouTube

Psychedelic Jazz- YouTube

The Phantom (1930s version)- YouTube

Srillex- Orchestral Suite

Orchestral Suite- YouTube

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